Island of Kerrera
A jewel in the Firth of Lorne




Kerrera Ferry Ltd


Dear All

This is a farewell and thank you message from myself, as the ferry operator to Kerrera addressed to everyone reading this.

For the last 22 years I have been providing the lifeline service to the island of Kererra, 7 days per week, summer and winter.
I wish to genuinely thank the Community, long standing customers, passengers, crew contractors and suppliers who I have worked with over the duration and life time of the service I have provided since 1st of July 1995.
Too many to mention by name.

As some already know from the 1st of July 2017 Calmac Ferries Ltd will be the new ferry operator to Kerrera.

In the last 4 years we have been granted deficit funding from Transport Scotland to help and assist in the delivering of the service in its historical and current format.
This project has been achieved successfully and has met the short term aims and objectives set out in the Community agreement.

I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has worked with me on this project and helped in many ways in this process without whom I would not have managed alone.

We are grateful to Transport Scotland, CMAL, Dunollie Estate and the various stakeholders who have provided invaluable and meaningful support in many different ways.
These few lines do not come close to the appreciation deserved or earned by these various bodies and individuals or reflect the huge amount of work that has gone on behind the day to day running of the ferry service.

I believe that this is the last ferry service that qualifies as 'Vital lifeline' in Scotland, to transfer fully, from the private sector to the public domain.

It is worth mentioning the historical context in that Estate or private ferries were once common place throughout Argyll and Scotland, with many failing due to simple economics and costs, determining a transfer to the public purse or the termination of any service at all.
Any one interested can enjoy a read of the book "Ferry Tales" by Walter Wyndeling that helps to highlight this old common theme in a humorous and interesting way.

I understand that the new ferry operator Calmac Ferries Ltd will provide the long term solutions long over due for the Community and traveling public and are currently building a new vessel for the route.

I look forward to having an easier time with less repsonsibility and working as part of Calmac as crew and skipper and I fully intend to spend more time with family and friends.

So thank you to all past and present and as I am handing the tiller over to Calmac I wish them and the Community every success for the future.

Your Sincerely
Duncan J MacEachen